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lurockia asked:

You've mentioned once in an interview that the Teahouse Cast was once originally apart of an entirely different setting before settling on the Brothel What If that we've all come to be familiar with. I'm curious to know, what was their original setting and more importantly, who were they in that original universe? I'm highly interested in knowing. Thank you in advanced for answering. :)


The original story was something of an rpg fantasy type setting. It wasn’t very deep or interesting, it was just kind of random final fantasy style fantasy setting haha. I’m actually having a really hard time remembering who did what, Atros was in charge of -something- and he and Liard were fighting over Linneus (who at that point was named Linnea). Argent was there but she was a lot more vocal. Linneus, Atros and Liard were always there from the beginning. Argent came along shortly after then Rory followed (though he was way different from how he is now).

I think at one point we put them in a fantasy school setting and Atros was the principle. Rory was some manipulative little shit with a crush on his sister (very different from how he is now). And actually, Claret used to be the name for Rory’s twin sister Remy, but we repurposed her for Teahouse (thus why her name has nothing to do with any of her coloring, she got changed out from red hair when she was changed into a different character).

Then there was another version of the story where Linneus was on the run from Atros, who was a bounty hunter in love with Linneus? We tried them in a lot of settings and it didn’t really all click until Teahouse.

Reed, Rhys and Axis didn’t come along until way later. Reed didn’t actually come until we put Rory in the Teahouse setting and wanted someone for him. Axis was created because I just wanted a straight playboy type character (surprise surprise, he turned out gay anyway). Rhys was created as someone for Mercutio (originally Rhys was a huge fetishist) but we ended up putting him with Axis and they had amazing chemistry.

Gilder and Sacha came along last. Gilder I just created to be the exact opposite of Atros’ character as a replacement for Liard, who in the end was kind of boring. Gilder was way more interesting so we kept him around. And Sacha was added as his companion!

Whew, I had a lot more to say on that than I thought! Hopefully that’s interesting to read.

That was very interesting!

I remember the option where Atros was supposed to be a sort of general in an army, I didn’t now about the other versions. :)


Time to buy your mooncakes before they sell out~ (Sep.8th is Mid-autumn)

Here’re some styles of mooncakes and their origins. 

1-2 广式月饼 Cantonese Mooncake (Guangdong; Key words: Most Popular; Classic)

3-4 提浆月饼 Tijiang Mooncake (Beijing; thicker skin than Cantonese style; Beijing style also has Zilai Hong and Zilai Bai)

5-6 苏式月饼 Suzhou Mooncake (Suzhou, Jiangsu; the skin has soft layers and it has the fullest fillings out of all the mooncakes; personal favorite)

7    潮式月饼 Teochew Mooncake (Chaozhou, Guangdong; skin also has layers but very crunchy)

8    Cantonese Mooncakes come in various shapes, the most popular is the lucky double fish.

Above are some traditional style mooncakes. Here’re also two popular new varieties inspired by the Cantonese mooncake.   

9   桃山皮月饼 Momoyama Mooncake (Japan) 

10 冰皮月饼 Snow skin mooncake (Hong Kong)

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